Associate Professor Rachael Taylor

Field of Research: 
Stream 1: Early Childhood
Edgar National Centre for Diabetes Research
University of Otago
Contact details: 
Rachael Taylor 1

Associate Professor Rachael Taylor is the Karitane Fellow in Early Childhood Obesity at the Edgar National Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Research, University of Otago, New Zealand. She leads or co-leads several large randomised controlled trials investigating different approaches to the effective prevention and management of overweight in obesity in children from birth to adolescence. She is particularly interested in the role that physical activity, sleep and diet play early in development. 

Her recent publications include:

Haszard JJ, Williams SM, Dawson AM, Skidmore PML. Taylor RW. Factor analysis of the comprehensive feeding practices questionnaire in a large sample of children. Appetite 2013; 62:110-8.

Cameron SL, Heath A-LM. Taylor RW. How feasible is baby-led weaning as an approach to infant feeding? A review of the evidence. Nutrients 2012; 4:1575-609.

Taylor RW, Farmer VL, Cameron SL, Meredith-Jones K, Williams SM. Mann JI. School playgrounds and physical activity policies as predictors of school and home activity. International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity 2011; 8:38-43.

Carter PJ, Taylor BJ, Williams SM. Taylor RW. A longitudinal analysis of sleep in relation to BMI and body fat in children: the FLAME study. BMJ 2011; 342:d2717.

Taylor RW, Brown D, Dawson AM, Haszard J, Cox A, Rose EA, et al. Motivational interviewing for screening and feedback and encouraging lifestyle changes to reduce relative weight in 4-8 year old children: design of the MInT study. BM Pub Health 2010; 10:271-83.


Her recent grants/research studies include:

2012 - 2015      R Taylor PI. Prevention of overweight in infancy (POI): follow-up to 5 years, Health Research Council

2012 - 2015      Prevention of overweight in infancy (POI): emergence of self-regulation, Health Research Council

2009 - 2012      R Taylor PI. Screening, feedback and treatment of overweight in 4-8 year old children. Health Research Council

2009 - 2012      R Taylor PI. Improving school playgrounds to enhance physical activity in children. Health Research Council

2008 - 2011      Primary prevention of rapid weight gain in early childhood, a randomized controlled trial. Health Research Council


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