Centre for Obesity Management & Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care

Spooner, C., Harris, M.F., Denney-Wilson, E.
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Conference presentation
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Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting.

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The Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care (COMPaRE-PHC) aims to inform new guidelines that will prevent and manage obesity in disadvantaged populations across Australia. It is the only research centre focused solely on the wellbeing of socially and economically vulnerable groups, where the incidence of obesity has increased the most. The Centre is addressing key gaps in current knowledge about obesity prevention across the lifecycle, the role of allied health services in weight management, and the part that Medicare Locals and existing population health programs can play in obesity prevention.

COMPaRE-PHC includes:three streams of research: 1 Families with young children; 2 Disadvantaged communities; 3 Implementation of guidelines; a program of knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE); and a research capacity building program with PhD scholars and postdoctoral researchers.

This poster provides a description of COMPaRE-PHC and information on how delegates can be involved in our research and KTE program.