Professor Deborah Schofield

Field of Research: 
Streams 1 and 2
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, School of Public Health
University of Sydney
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Deb Schofield

Professor Schofield is Chair of Health Economics and the NHRMC Clinical Trials Centre and School of Public Health, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. She is an international leader in the development of economic models that measure the impact of illness both within and beyond the health system.  She has a particular interest on the impact of health on families and is currently supervising 2 PhD students (both on NHMRC funded scholarships) and on NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow.

Her recent publications include:

Fuller N, Colagiuri S, Schofield D, Olson A, Shrestha R, Holzapfel C, Wolfenstetter S, Holle R, Ahern A, Hauner H, Jebb S, Caterson I.  A within-trial cost-effectiveness analysis of primary care referral to a commercial provider for weight loss treatment, relative to standard care—an international randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Obesity 2012. advance online publication 28 August 2012; doi: 10.1038/ijo.2012.139

Schofield D, Shrestha, R, Percival R, Passey M Callander E, Kelly S (2012)The personal and national costs of CVD: impacts on income, taxes, government support payments and GDP due to lost labour force participation. International Journal of Cardiology. 166: 68-71 .DOI: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2011.09.066.

Passey M, Shrestha R, Bertrand M, Schofield D, Vos T, Callander E, Percival R, Kelly S. Impact of diabetes prevention on labour force participation and income of older Australians BMC Public Health 2012; 12:16

Schofield D, Kelly S, Shrestha R, Passey M, Callander E, Percival R. The long term financial impacts of CVD: Living standards in retirement. International Journal of Cardiology 2012; 155(3): 406-8

Schofield D, Callander E , Shrestha, R, Percival R, Kelly S, Passey M. Labour force participation and the influence of having CVD on income poverty of older workers. International Journal of Cardiology 2012;156(1):80-83.


Her recent grants/research studies include:

2012 - 2017   John Simes, Tony Keech, Val Gebski, Martin Stockler, Ian Caterson, Stephen Colagiuri, Deborah Schofield, Ian Marschner.  Advancing the Evidence Base for Care and Policy in Priority Health. NHMRC Program Grant

2012 - 2016    Mark Harris, Adrian Bauman, Rachel Laws, Ian Caterson, Deborah Schofield. COMPaRE–PHC: Centre Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care. Centres of Research Excellence in Primary Health Care.

2012 - 2015   Deborah Schofield. Theo Vos, Simon Kelly, Megan Passey, Rupendra Shrestha, Rob Tanton, Mendel Grobler. Improving decision making on health interventions: factoring in the long term economic impacts of informal (unpaid) care. NHMRC Partnership Project Grant 

2012              Professor William Tarnow-Mordi, Professor Roger Soll, Doctor Paolo Manzoni, Professor Brian Darlow, Professor David Isaacs, Associate Professor Kei Lui, Professor Deborah Schofield, Associate Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Doctor Andrew Martin, Doctor Wendy Hague (2012) Does bovine lactoferrin (bLF) reduce mortality and morbidity in very low birthweight infants? NHMRC Project Grant  


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