Dr Rachel Laws

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Streams 1 and 2
Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research
Deakin University
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Dr Rachel Laws is a NHMRC Research Fellow, based at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Faculty of Health, Deakin University. She has a strong background in nutrition, obesity management and prevention in the primary health care setting, both as a dietitian and researcher. Rachel is interested in obesity prevention in young children, particularly those from disadvantaged families and has expertise in developing and delivering lifestyle interventions in the primary health care setting. Key Publications include:
Her recent publications include:
Laws R, Campbell K, van der Pligt P, Ball K, Lynch J, Russell G, Taylor R,  Denney-Wislon E. Obesity prevention in early life: an opportunity to better support the role of Maternal and Child Health Nurses in Australia. BMC Nursing, 2015, 14:26
Denney-Wilson E, Robinson A, Laws R, Harris MF. Development and feasibility of a child obesity prevention intervention in general practice: The Healthy 4 Life pilot study. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2014 (in press)
Laws R, Campbell KJ,van der Pligt P, Russell G, Ball K, Lynch J, Crawford D, Taylor R, Askew D, Denney-Wilson E. The impact of interventions to prevent obesity or improve obesity related behaviours in children (0-5 years) from socioeconomically disadvantaged and/or indigenous families: A systematic review. BMC Public Health, 2014, 14:779.
Mark F Harris, Bibiana C Chan, Rachel A Laws, Anna M Williams, Gawaine Powell Davies, Upali W Jayasinghe, Mahnaz Fanaian, Neil Orr, Andrew Milat and on behalf of the CN SNAP Project Team. The impact of a brief lifestyle intervention delivered by generalist community nurses (CN SNAP trial). BMC Public Health 2013, 13:375 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-375 The electronic version of this article can be found online at: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/13/375
Chan B, Jayasinghe U, Christl B, Laws R, Orr N, Williams A, Partington K, Harris MF. The impact of a team-based intervention on the lifestyle risk factor management practices of community nurses: Outcomes of the Community Nursing SNAP Trial. BMC Health Services Research 13:54.
Robinson A, Denney-Wilson E, Laws R, Harris MF. Child obesity prevention in primary health care: the role of practice nurses. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2012 (in press, accepted 29.5.12)
Rissel, C., Laws, R., St George, A., Debra Hector, Milat, A. J., & Baur, L. A. Research to practice: Application of an evidencebuilding framework to a childhood obesity prevention initiative in new south wales. Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2012; 23(1), 16-24.
Counterweight Project Team. Long-term cost-effectiveness of weight management in primary care. International Journal of Clinical Practice 2010, 64 (6): 775-783.
Laws R, Kemp L, Harris M, Powell Davies G, Williams A, Eames-Brown R: An exploration of how clinician attitudes and beliefs influence the implementation of lifestyle risk factor management in primary healthcare: A grounded theory study. Implementation Science 2009, 4:66
Counterweight Project Team*. Evaluation of the Counterweight Programme for obesity management in primary care: A starting point for continuous improvement. British Journal of General Practice 2008 58 (553): 548-554 


Her recent grants/research studies include:
2010-2014  Implementing guidelines to routinely prevent chronic disease in general practice, NHMRC
2010           A mixed method study to inform the development of a child obesity prevention initiative led by practice nurses in primary care, Faculty Medicine Research Grant, UNSW