Dr Kathryn Powell

Field of Research: 
Stream 2
School of Population Health
The University of Adelaide
Contact details: 
K. Powell

Dr Kathryn Powell worked with COMPaRE-PHC on the BMWGP study at the South Australian study sites. She was a researcher at the School of Population, the University of Adelaide. 

Kathryn is an anthropologist whose research and knowledge translation based work has been in the domains of population and public health and social science. This has included addressing people’s need for services (health, support, information) and how we address associated social concerns (such as equity, the distribution of assistance, cultural accessibility) in communities. Within the population health area she is developing and contributing to research programs that connect people to the means for better health outcomes. 

Her three key areas of interest and activity are:

  • How public health can better accommodate and respond to local cultural expectations and behaviours, and emergent   population  health ‘wicked problems’
  • Improving the correspondence between the construct and design of health services and the social environment and local priorities.
  • The integration of health services and disciplines, sustaining better health behaviours. 

Further information is available on Dr Powell's webpage