Dr Georgina Russell

Field of Research: 
Stream 1
Faculty of Health
University of Technology Sydney
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Georgie Russell 2015

Dr Georgina Russell is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at The University of Technology, Sydney.  She has a background in public health nutrition with a particular focus on understanding food choice behaviours.  She is primarily interested in psychological, social and environmental influences on children’s health behaviours, especially how parents influence the development of children’s eating and weight. She is currently supervising Sarah Taki (PhD student at UTS).

Her recent publications include:

Russell, CG and Worsley, A. Why do they like that? And can I do anything about it? The nature and correlates of parents’ attributions and self-efficacy beliefs about preschool children’s food preferences. Appetite 2013; 66 (1): 34-43.

Russell, CG, and Worsley, A. A population-based study of preschoolers' food neophobia and its associations with food preferences. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour  2008;40(1):11-9.

Russell, CG, and Worsley, A. Do children's food preferences align with dietary recommendations?, Public Health Nutrition 2007;10(11):1223-1233.

Russell, CG; Busson, A; Flight, I; Bryan, J; van Lawick van Pabst, JA & Cox DN. A comparison of three laddering techniques applied to an example of a complex food choice. Food Quality & Preference 2004;15: 569-583.

Russell CG & Cox DN.  Understanding middle-aged consumers’ perceptions of meat using repertory grid methodology. Food Quality & Preference 2004; 15: 317-329.