Associate Professor Gawaine Powell Davies

Field of Research: 
Primary health care and equity
Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity
UNSW Australia
Contact details: 
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Gawaine Powell Davies is CEO of the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity and the leader of its primary health care research stream. He has been involved for some years in research and evaluation on developing the capacity of primary health care services and systems to address complex health problems. His research interests include health services integration, including integration within primary health care and integration between primary health care and other sectors; and the evolving role of primary health care within the health system.


His recent publications include:

Powell Davies PG, Dennis S, Walker C. Self-management with others: the role of partnerships in supporting self-management for people with long-term conditions. In Glasby J and dickinson H (eds). International perspectives on health and social care: partnership working in action. 2009. Wiley-Blackwell UK, London.

Powell Davies PG, Perkins DP, McDonald J, Williams AW. Integrated primary health care in Australia. International Journal of Integrated Care, 14 October 2009

Powell Davies PG, McDonald J, Jeon YH, et al. (2009)  Integrated primary health care Centres and polyclinics: a rapid review. Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity UNSW and Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Sydney 2009.


He is currently leading the evaluation of Medicare Locals, part of whose role is to support primary health care to address complex issues like obesity. For more information please click here.